I haven’t posted a blog for a while now and there are two reasons for this:

1) I haven’t had much to say.
Now, that does sound like a terrible excuse, but it’s true. I’ve still been struggling with urges which was what my last blog was all about, and I’ve been taking photographs regularly to track my hair growth, which is coming along quite nicely now.

Yes, my head is wonderfully dark at the moment, which is a nice change after 4 months of looking like Casper, but it’s also much less patchy, which means the more difficult parts are growing! (Hallelujah!) But as I say, besides that there’s not been much else happening.

2) I’ve been saving my next blog for this.
I really wanted to tell everyone the moment I found out I was going to be involved in this, but I was so excited about it, I thought that if I mentioned it once, I’d just continue to talk about it until everyone was sick of hearing it and then no-one would be interested. And the last thing I wanted to do was spoil it.

The ‘this’ and the ‘it’ that I am referring to should not be referred to as a ‘this’ or an ‘it’ at all because it’s far more significant.

It all started just under a month ago. I was on the bus on my way to work to do a close when I got a direct message on Twitter. That’s nothing out of the ordinary, really, except it was the first message I’d gotten on my second @MyTrichyLife account, which hadn’t been up for very long at this point.

13595964_1147773871931227_2133907681_nI. WAS. THRILLED. No exaggeration either – the only reason I didn’t literally jump for joy was because I was on a very crowded bus and had to keep it together.

I made this blog to raise awareness for Trichotillomania by talking about my journey, because when I was a young teenager pulling my hair out and not knowing why I had the urge to, there was none.

And now, not only was I being given another opportunity to raise awareness, but Alistair Riddell, the creator of the project, did not have a BFRB himself. He had his reasons for wanting to make this piece, of course, but for him to take the time to learn of the complex conditions under the BFRB umbrella was something I thought was wonderful and inspiring.

And when the interview came, I did find it quite emotional because I had to dig deep in order to be as open and as honest as I could be. And Alistair was very patient and kind with me – so I’d like to thank him for that, as well as taking the time to make this Radio Documentary, because it really is important.

I won’t talk much more about it, because it speaks for itself. Alistair has done an absolutely incredible job with this and I am so grateful to have gotten to be a part of it.
Please take the time to give ‘The Urge’ by Al Riddell a listen!