Took me a while to put this up, partially because of uni work, but also because I had twenty minutes of video to condense down as much as I could so people could see. 4 minutes seemed like a good time to keep it as, any longer and people would surely get sick of my face! Also the full uncut version is mine, and it’s very special to me.

I’ve actually lost count of the amount of times I’ve watched this back again. I remember at the time, shaving my head didn’t feel real at all; I couldn’t believe that I was going through with what is likely the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done.
It felt almost like an outer-body experience, like I was someone just watching it happen rather than being the one it was happening to. But watching the video is strangely grounding – the weirdest thing about it is actually seeing myself with a head of hair at the beginning!

I’ve been bald for almost three months now, and it has come with highs and lows, as expected. On one hand, I regained control of my condition in the only way I could and gave myself a  fresh start (literally and symbolically), but on the other hand, I’m very aware that the journey I’m on is going to be a long and difficult one.

Sharing my journey – the good parts and the bad – is something that is keeping me going right now. For obvious reasons, I can often find myself feeling defeated by my Trich, but I find strength in being truthful about both my victories and my struggles.

So here it is, the condensed documentation of one of the biggest moments in my life.
I’d like to thank Toby for shaving my head, Toni, Liam and Sasha for being with me while it happened and everyone who has supported me before and since, including people who simply read this blog. All the encouragement and understanding mean the world to me.